The Little Blue Plane is taking modern business back to old school principles; service-forward, client-focused, and community oriented, we aim to take local, service-based, enterprises on a journey toward digital excellence - all while growing organic connections with people they may serve.

The Little Blue Plane has the experience, expertise, and strength to lift the technological burdens of modern day marketing off your shoulders, and clear your path across the digital frontier. We don't sell you software, we offer solutions custom-tailored to your business' individual needs and budget. We can design and implement efficient, cohesive, elegant, campaigns which span the whole of the digital marketplace and that connect you to clientele across the globe without ever forgetting the people right in your own backyard.

From helping you find opportunities in workflow efficiency and managing labor intensive projects on a deadline, to assisting in development of new strategies to tap emerging markets, LBP is your one stop shop on the road to digital media dominance.

45+ Years
Customer Service
20+ Years
Industry-specific Experience
12+ Years
In Startups
$4.5 Million
Raised for Non-Profits


The Little Blue Plane started with the goal of helping revive the local economy of South Florida in the aftermath of a crippling global pandemic, and has quickly expanded to work with companies who reach consumers everywhere from Delray Beach to the International Space Station.